Is The Ferry Service To Cuba Available For U.S. Citizens?

Earlier in 2015 when President Barack Obama proclaimed the new amended rule on travel to Cuba, there arose different travel services from United States to Cuba. The United Sates government permitted charter flights and cruise ships administered by licensed and authorized organizations, though a bit expensive for travelers.  Wandering from United States to Cuba has paved its way because of the lifted sanction on the embargo law impressed upon Cuba. With the emerging number of American explorers and demand for economical ride to Cuba, authorities of the United States Treasury Department approved the cruise of ferries between Florida and Havana.

Ferry Companies with notified approval to navigate from United States to Cuba:

  1. Baja FerriesBaja Ferries - USA to Cuba

A North American ferry company licensed to manage ferry cruise from Miami, Florida to Havana, Cuba. It will employ an up-to-date cruise ferry that can have a maximum of 2,000-passenger capacity.

  1. Havana Ferry PartnersHavana Ferry Partners - USA to Cuba

A Florida-based ferry firm authorized to run transport services from the cities of Fort Lauderdale and Miami in Florida. Their vessel can provide more than 200-passenger capacity.

  1. United Caribbean LinesUnited Caribbean Lines - USA to Cuba

A cruise ferry company running a deluxe ferry service from the ports of Miami and Tampa in Florida. With 1,500-passenger capacity and more than 400 cabins available on board.

  1. Airline Brokers Co.Airline Brokers Co. - USA to Cuba

An institution for transport services and Cuba travel specialists based in Florida. And is now accredited to source not only charter flights to Cuba and but ferry transport service operator.

Travelling to Cuba is made easy through the enhancing opportunity relations between United States Government and Cuba. With various means of transportation going for a travel to Cuba, Americans can place options depending on their budget and itinerary scheduled. Since not all can afford expensive charter flights, ferries to Cuba are on the loop to offer individuals a budget friendly trip. Ferry cruises though inexpensive, presents variety of superior quality of service through good amenities and travel inclusive. You can never go wrong to try new exciting ways to navigate to the promising Caribbean travel hotspots in Cuba.

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