How Much Does The Ferry To Cuba Cost?

The imposition of democratic travel rules and regulations to Cuba launched new opportunities and experiences for U.S. citizens. It also brought good business relations for both countries, creating higher means to accumulate and earn income. One thing more, it developed the avenues for United States government to assist and support the ailing economy of Cuba since the enforcement of the Cuban embargo law.

As the travel ban services were lifted by the United States President Barack Obama, transport services emerge from different states in America. It presupposes that the relations between the two countries were back to normal. Tourist travels are still barred, however there are 12 categories announced by U.S. Treasury Department that can be legally permitted to travel to Cuba.


Travel services between Cuba and United States commenced as per authorization of the government. There were various transport system opened to house the demand for travel to Cuba.

Transport service going to Cuba:

  1. Charter Planes
  2. Cruise Ships
  3. Ferries

Transport system developed varies based on the travel time, schedule, amenities, and price. Charter planes are known to be quite expensive as means to travel to Cuba. Cruise ships, though can accommodate a larger passenger capacity than that of the charter planes, are still costly and have a longer travel time duration. The request for other transport service to Cuba gave a chance for ferry companies to operate travel to Cuba.

Ferry companies and its travel rates to Cuba:

  1. Havana Ferry Partners – Travel rates adjust depending on the travel date, time and inclusive tours
  2. Baja Ferries – Round trip rates are estimated to be at $300 to $350
  3. United Caribbean Lines – Rates are estimated roughly around $300 and up
  4. Airline Brokers Co. –Travel rates vary with on the choice of guests as to time and date

As we can compare the prices of the three transport service to Cuba, ferries to Cuba are a bit lower than the other two. The logic of the United States government is to provide quality and affordable travel services between Cuba and United States.

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